Cincinnati Inbound and Outbound Truckload Freight Services

MMTF Logistics has been providing our Cincinnati area customers with quality reliable transportation with excellent customer service since 2006.

We specialize in outbound truckload shipping from Cincinnati and inbound truckload shipping into Cincinnati OH.

By providing our customers with inbound and outbound truckload shipments for over 12 years we have built up a huge motor carrier network in the Greater Cincinnati area. We have an excellent carrier relationship with all the Cincinnati Area trucking companies.   

Our motor carrier data base is extensive and because of this we can provide our customers very competitive rates and the best service available.



  • We provide you with first-class Freight Brokering Logistics for your shipping needs at the best price. With on-time pick-up and delivery service.
  • We research the market to provide you with the true market rate for your shipping needs.
  • We use our database of approved motor carriers to find you the backhauler.
  • We conduct a complete carrier qualification process to ensure each motor carrier is safe, licensed and insured.
  • We track each shipment from pick up to destination and provide you with the POD when delivered.
  • We deliver you with the best customer service that exceeds all expectations.

If you are looking for a completive rates for your Cincinnati truckload pickups or inbound Cincinnati truckload deliveries MMTF Logistics can help! We can also help with local truckload pickup and local truckload deliveries.

Request at Free Cincinnati truckload rate quote.

MMTF Logistics contacts all parties involved to schedule appointments and advise on the shipment’s status from pickup to on time delivery. When you use MMTF Logistics you can rest assured that you have received the very best service at the best price.

I am confident that we will be able to provide you with better service at a better price than your current transportation provider. Please contact me and allow me the opportunity to provide you with a FREE rate quote.