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honest.  dependable.  reliable.

Founded in 2006, MMTF Logistics has been providing reliable transportation services built on our reputation of honesty, dependability and reliability.  Our industry rankings and reputation allow us to provide you with quality transportation services at the lowest price.  We don’t charge a high percentage commission, and all of our rates are guaranteed. 

We are a licensed and insured freight brokerage company serving the United States and Canadian markets.

Call us TODAY at 513-860-2871 or 800-523-7712

Our Unique Approach to Commercial Freight Transportation

New customers are always pleasantly surprised at how painless managing freight can be. They are also grateful for our expertise and how it helps them streamline the shipping process. We understand that your business requires quality reliable transportation options. 

Here is how we help:

  • Research the market to provide you with the true market rate for your transportation needs.
  • Use our database of approved motor carriers to find you the backhauler.
  • Conduct a complete qualification process to ensure each motor carrier is licensed, insured and has high service performance.
  • Track the shipment from origin to destination and provide you with the POD when delivered.
  • Provide you with first-class service that exceeds expectations.

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Today we still enjoy the reputation of a family-owned success story. Providing a multitude of services, from paperwork preparation and packaging tips to handling equipment needs and providing custom-bonded carriers, we’ve grown our family success story simply by growing our family.


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